List and details of Government institutions working on environmental issues: India

In one of my recent article “Proclaim Activism and support a cause for safe futures” I have stressed on finding a cause and then acting upon to promote that cause to save environment. In this article I have some more information to share with you about the various government institutions that are working on environmental issues to save the environment.

Activism is indeed the only way left for us to save the environment. Governments are doing nothing but only making policies and signing the treaties. Actual implementation of strict norms are yet to be done so that we can reduce the load of pollution on our environment.

Click here to download the list with details of government institutions working on environmental issues. Be aware of the issues and causes and the programmes that are currently running to support that causes.

Green activism is the demand of the time and the common people have to raise their voice to save the environment. You can participate by promoting a cause of your choice or you can start your own. Share your ideas, write about it, Blog it or whatever medium you choose, just do it!!