How common man can help in building green world

Climate of the world is changing and its the call of time for everyone of us to wake up and do some serious stuff. The common man always has an excuse of “No Power”. We can’t just run away from our responsibilities now. Its now or never situation and you have to act upon immediately to save our earth.
I am listing here some of the ways common man can help to save the earth:

Grow more Trees: Don’t just think. Plant a tree today and you will feel enthusiastic. India has a population of more than 100 Crore and if everyone takes the responsibility of planting at least one tree, think the number of trees we will have cleaning the environment.

Plant more trees    Reduce Reuse Recycle    Roof garden

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle: Its called 3R principle. Reduce the wastage of energy, Reuse the items that can be reused and recycle the materials to have less load on earth.

Develop Roof Gardens: You might have heard of roof gardens. If you have limitation of space, you can effectively manage your roof area to grow some plants. This will not only make your environment clean, it will also reduce the load of your Air Conditioner.

Pay Bills Online: Register yourself for online billing. Pay your phone, electricity and utility bills online. Think how many papers will be saved and most importantly how many trees will be saved?

Go Digital: Watch local news channels, join local media forums online than subscribing for 2-3 newspapers. Read ebooks than purchasing new books. Save Papers Save Trees.

Use CFL: Use Compact Fluorescent lamps than the incandescent bulbs. A 15 watt CFL serves the purpose of a 60 watt bulb. So save electricity.

Delete Unwanted Messages Immediately: Do you know the messages that are stored in your email account consumes energy to be stored. Even your one search in a search engine consumes a lot of energy. According to Google, a Google search uses just about the same amount of energy that your body burns in ten seconds. So delete your unwanted and old messages immediately and try to limit your searches.

Don’t Waste Water: Limit the length of your showers. If possible use Mug and Bucket to take shower. Don’t run the tap while brushing. Use rain water harvesting system to save some pure water.

Save Fuel: Whenever possible use 2 wheeler for transportation. Turn off your vehicle for a stop of more than a minute. Use community taxi service than riding individual vehicles.