China announced its captive tigers population is 6000

After the Indian government has revealed that its Tiger’s population has reduced to 1411, china said they have 6000 tigers in captivity.  The number was announced by the vice head of the State Forestry Administration. This has given some sort of relief to the activists who were fighting for this endangered species.

But the situation in India is still critical for Tigers. The number of poaching cases are on rise and government is not able to stop the hunters. The Indian government should think about the possible measures to raise the population of Tigers in Tiger Reserves.

Close to 6000 Tigers in china have been artificially bred. These 6000 artificially bred tigers can breed approximately 1000 tigers every year. The only condition being if they stay alive. The poachers are active in every part of the world and they are always in search of their target.

Experts have their different view. They says it would be difficult for captive Tigers that have been bred artificially to adapt the wild environment once they are released to the jungle. It may be possible that only few of them could survive the wild environment.

In the 1980s, China set up tiger farms to try and preserve the big cats, intending to release some into the wild. The population of wild tigers had reduced to 50-60 following intense poaching.

India has recently seen so many “Save our Tigers” campaigns, some lead by large market leaders involving famous social personalities to aware people about the criticality of the issue. Articles were written, bloggers blog about the issue, advertisements were shown on different channels etc..

But has it done any benefit to save our tigers that are on the verge of extinction in India? Has the Government felt any responsibility to act immediately and pass some laws against the relentless killing and poaching of Tigers. Or still we are waiting for the time our tiger reserves would have no Tigers.

The Questions are still Unanswered..