Advertising with the message of social responsibility

Recent time has seen a change in the way major companies have started advertising with a social message. Whether its Idea’s “What an idea Sirji”, Aircel’s “Save our Tigers” campaign, Tata Tea’s “Jaago Re” or Nokia’s “Green Phone”, every major giant is targeting the new generation consumers. 

What an idea sirji     Jaago re   nokia green phone

New generation means here the “People of Youngistaan” which believes in changing the world. The new generation is much more aware and can not be targeted easily. So companies have changed their methodology of presenting their new product to the market.

Well, the question for debate is “Will these companies would do the justice with whatever cause they are promoting?” If Nokia is selling green phones, will it help in spreading the message of Green Earth to the consumers. Or if a consumer buys a service on the name of a cause and later on finds out that the company is doing nothing for the cause, then what?

The time will tell the truth whether it is just another marketing funda or its really a new revolution in the Indian Marketing Industry.