We are moving to Wordpress

Howdy, Readers and visitors, you might be reading the notification appearing at the bottom toolbar of this blog about the shifting of this blog to a new location. Hereby I am declaring the date of shift. In the first week of new year, we will be at a new address and with a new host. 

We have done so much with blogger and we appreciate Google for providing such a platform for newbies like me to have a feel of online presence. But its time to move on and we are moving with a Bang. I bet you, you will find the new blog much more optimized and heavily customizable as I am putting on my best efforts to make it the best. It will give you a feel good experience.

As my blog is growing day by day and so as the readership, it was a right time to choose a paid hosting and brand name so that we can offer our readers and new visitors a whole new experience of reading and sharing the information online with a click of mouse. I am putting in hard efforts to meet all of your expectations and this is the reasons we are late in launching our blog.

And most importantly, we will be on a new publishing platform "Wordpress". All of you must have been familiar with Wordpress. Wordpress is far more advanced than blogger and it offer high level of customization and control over the structure of your website. This is the reason I choose Wordpress and within a few days we will be blogging on Wordpress.

I will soon update the link of my new domain and will hope to see you there. So please check back often this blog for the update. It can happen any time within the next week.


We are experiencing unexpected errors and glitches and our move to wordpress will be delayed by another two weeks. Our wordpress database got corrupted and we have to again start from scratch.

- Keshav Saini