Nuclear Energy - Technology that can meet future electricity demand

Nuclear energy is one of the only commercially viable technologies that can cope with the magnitude of the world’s additional electricity demand in a non carbon emission mode. If 85% of people living in non-OECD countries are to be able to access 5000KWh per capita of electricity consumption (average consumption required to have a reasonable living standard), then the total global electricity production would have to be almost doubled that today.

The per capita electricity consumption by the world population living in OECD countries is 9000KWh. The urgent need is to develop a technology that can meet this electricity requirement with impact on environment. The technology which is carbon emission free and which can stable the level of green house gases in the atmosphere.

Nuclear energy is the only commercial technology which has the highest efficiency with lowest pollution as of now. Developing other technologies based on either fossil fuels or other non-renewable resources will lead to higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and will delay the development of developing and under developed countries. Nuclear energy is safe, eco friendly and economical source of energy.

Some of the developed countries like USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom etc. have realized the importance of developing nuclear energy and they are already utilizing this eco friendly technology to meet their energy demands. Some developing countries like China, India etc. are on their way to explore this technology for electricity production.

It is very important now which technology we choose? Because our future will solely depend on the technology we develop and the level of commitment we show towards environment protection.

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