Global Warming - Direct and Indirect Evidences

Over the last one century, the earth’s temperature has increased by about 1.3 degree Fahrenheit (1.3°F). Most of the people may think that this much rise of earth’s average temperature is inconsequential of global warming. But let me tell you one fact that if global warming caused another 7°F rise of earth’s atmospheric temperature, the Greenland and Antarctica will be on their way to extinction.

The measurement of earth’s atmospheric temperature over the past few centuries indicates that the earth’s temperature is increasing. The rate of rise of temperature is estimated to be 0.211°F every decade.

Let me add here some direct and indirect evidences of global warming.

Glaciers and ice caps: Every year, world’s oceans receive that much fresh water from the melting of glaciers to raise its level by 0.8 mm. This excess fresh water is added to the oceans due to global warming.

Lakes and rivers: Every year, most of the world’s lakes and rivers are now covered with ice 12 days less than they were 150 years ago during the winter season. This clearly shows that the average temperature of earth has increased over the time. Summers are longer than usual and winters are shrinking.

Average Global Temperature: A hundred years ago, the average atmospheric temperature was about 13.7°C but it has reached to a value of 14.4°C as of now and is continuously increasing. 11 years out of last 12 years have been recorded as the hottest years of the century and year 2010 has broken all the previous records of warming.

Permafrost. Permafrost are the permanently frozen areas in the world e.g. Antarctica. As compared to 1990’s, these permafrost are reduced by almost 7% due to elevated temperatures and melting of the glaciers.

Snow cover: Past every 10 years, the snow cover in northern hemisphere is 2% less than it used to be a decade before. The glaciers are receding and the snow cover is less than usual. A large area of permafrost is converting into a part of ocean.

Spring: Here comes the Spring season but the leaves are still unfold, birds are still migrating, and birds lay eggs earlier than normal season time.

In a nutshell, the earth is warming and is warming to kill. If the temperature of earth continues to increase, most of the world’s biggest cities will have their name left only on the maps and history pages.