Global Warming - Sea level rising in the Indian Ocean

Global warming is causing sea level rise in the Indian ocean. Temperature rise of as much as 0.5 degree Celsius have been recorded in the Indian ocean over the past 50 years because of the ever increasing emission of green house gases.

The rise in the level of Indian ocean can threaten the lives in India and Bangladesh during monsoon season. It can lead to massive floods that can threaten the lives. As per the experts views over the sea level rise, human-caused changes have lead to the variations in the sea level on regional basis.

The experts have also found sea level drop in the Seychelles Islands and Zanzibar off Tanzania's coastline. In fact, these islands have recorded the highest ever sea level drop over the past few years.

Environmental Consequences:

Approximately 15% of the sunderbans delta will be submerged under water by 2020. It is a well known fact that the sunderbans delta has the world's largest mangrove forests, so it can have a global impact.

The eastern tropical regions of the Indian Ocean will observe increase in rainfall whereas the western tropical regions of the Indian Ocean will witness increase in drought.