Chlorine gas leakage in Sewri Mumbai - Hundreds of people evacuated

Chlorine gas leakage has been reported from a container port in Sewri, Mumbai. 70 people have been evacuated from the place and hospitalized out of which 8 people are said to be in critical position. Chlorine gas is heavier than air so it hangs near the ground for long that has caused the respiratory problem to the people staying in the affected area.

People affected with chlorine were gasping for breath and the hospitals were unable to cope with the number of affected patients that were reported. The incident occurred on 14th July morning at 3:15 am at the Mumbai port when leakage was observed from one of the gas cylinder filled with chlorine.

70 people have been admitted into hospital so far and till now there is no death casualty. Among patients, most are the students from nearby hostel and the labourers that were sleeping outside the port.

Mumbai police and fire brigade teams are on the spot trying to neutralize the cylinders that still contains chlorine.

The national disaster response force team from Pune has been sent to the Mumbai port to investigate the incidence and to safely dispose off the cylinders containing chlorine. It has come into picture that the cylinders containing chlorine were confiscated 15 years ago. Now it would be difficult for the officials to answer how chlorine gas was leaked and why the cylinders were not disposed off even after so long time?