Why it is necessary to save the environment - Facts and Solutions

The condition of the environment is constantly changing, but almost all scientists now agree that it is not changing for the good. They agree on one other thing as well: human activities are the major reason for the incredible harm dealt to the environment in the last 100 years. Some of these changes cannot be reversed. Environmental scientists therefore split their energies in addressing three aspects of ecology: cleaning up the damage already done to the earth, changing current uses of natural resources, and developing new technologies to conserve Earth’s remaining natural resources.These objectives are part of the green movement.

As stated above, the changing climate conditions are not for good but leading to an end. Energy availability is a real concern for everyone. Without energy or with access to much less energy than we currently use, we could not live in the same way, and life would not be easy. Since 1789, the world population has increased dramatically, from a bit less than a billion inhabitants to above 6.5 billion. The average energy needs of these inhabitants are much greater than those of two centuries ago.

In addition, after a long period in which energy was relatively cheap, its price is now increasing, and this is very likely just the beginning of a long trend. As a consequence humankind is no longer a small perturbation on planet Earth, and every day we face the possibility of increasingly negative consequences of human activities for the environment. It is time to take care of our planet and to make use of its wealth more carefully than before.

Harnessing energy resources and exploiting them to improve our living conditions are natural endeavours. Wasting energy resources or adopting energy supply solutions which have a large negative impact on health and on the environment is, given options, both foolish and unethical. The skies have turned heavy with pollution. Technology has certainly brought new conveniences to civilization, but these technologies have also introduced problems to a generation left with the job of finding ways to halt the harm being done to the environment.

From the above points it is very clear that we are heading towards destruction. We need to develop technologies that can deliver without polluting the environment. Renewable Energy offers an encouraging array of technologies for both the near future and long-term planning. If only half of these new technologies come into regular use, society will have created a very good chance at saving the Earth from its dangerous course.