What is Carbon Footprint - Calculate your carbon footprint number

How much of an impact you have on the environment, how much your activities add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, is measured and represented in what’s called a carbon footprint. The greater your number, the heavier your impact is, like a giant footprint upon the earth.

Ideally, when people see, in plain numbers, how much their lifestyles are affecting the planet, they take steps to make changes and reduce that footprint. They start making choices that are gentler on the earth.The carbon footprint is calculated based on different factors.

How Carbon Footprint number is calculated?

Carbon footprint number is calculated based on a number of factors that takes into consideration your location of residence, your use of energy, your lifestyle, your use of technology etc. Based on the individual use of resources, a plain number is calculated that represents your carbon footprint.

What is Measured and Why?

Where you live: This probably determines how your home is powered. Depending on where you live, your home could receive electricity from coal, hydroelectricity, or natural gas.

How much electricity your household uses: Calculates the amount of power used.

How many people are in your family: Even sharing a household, more people in one home use more appliances and energy.

What kind of car your family drives and how far: Determines how much fuel is burned.

Airplane trips you take: Airplanes use a lot of fuel, especially on take-off. The more trips you take, the more fuel is being consumed to get you there.