US Green House Gases emission to grow up 4% by 2020

As per the new report submitted by United States to United Nations on climate, US has projected a 4% rise in the emission of green house gases by 2020. This report has come at a time when the world is preparing for the World Environment Day celebration and environmentalists are planning to reduce the emission of green house gases into the atmosphere.

It is a well known fact that the green house gases that are emitted through combustion of fossil fuels are the main reason for global warming and climate change. The gases when emitted into the atmosphere absorbs the heat from solar radiations that are reflected by the earth surface and increases the temperature around the earth surface. This is the main reason that the night temperature also remains on the higher limit than normal.

The first such climate report submitted under the Barack Obama administration includes a 1.5% rise in the carbon dioxide gas emission, the main gas emitted from the burning of fossil fuels and is responsible to a great extent for global warming. US green house gases emission rose 17% from 1990 to 2007 while some other nations have slightly reduced their green house gases emission between this period following the Kyoto Protocol that the US had rejected.