Species Extinction - Steps, Phases and Process

Some of the species, due to poaching by humans and due to natural or man made disasters, approach the stage of extinction. Extinction is a stage where a whole group of species die out and when no single member of species exist anymore.

There are several steps to extinction, it does not just happen overnight. Wildlife biologists have identified the key phases most species go through before they become extinct. The typical transition is from rare species to threatened to endangered and to extinct species. The four phases are described as follows:

Rare Species: A plant or animal species whose population is small and isolated. Not many of its members can been seen in the wild, but its population is stable.

Threatened or Vulnerable Species: A plant or animal species that may be abundant in some areas but still faces serious dangers. It is likely to become endangered in the near future.

Endangered: A plant or animal species whose numbers have been reduced to such an extent that it is in immediate danger of becoming extinct. Such a species needs help from humans to survive.

Extinct: A plant or animal species that no longer exists. No individual members can be found alive anywhere.

Environmentalists have been warning that saving species is important because it promotes a healthy environment, of which humans are a part. Endangered species are nature’s emergency call, because if they go, chances are the pollution and environmental degradation will ultimately kill us all.