Massive Solar Storm (Flare) expected by Nasa in 2012

In its latest findings, Nasa has come up with prediction of a massive solar storm that can hit earth anytime between 2012-2013. The solar storm or solar flare is the huge explosion in the sun’s atmosphere that causes a storm of intense radiations. Solar flare also erupts charged particles into the space that can cause serious damage to the power grids and electromagnetic appliances or any other system that uses the application of electromagnetic energy.

The solar activity will be at its peak level in the year 2012-2013. Technological advancement has made it possible for us to predict the solar activity and to have a close watch on sunspots. More sunspots means more solar storms.

The cause of the solar flare or solar storm is the magnetic reconnection. The magnetic reconnection on sun may happens on solar arcades which are a series of close loops of of magnetic lines of force. This magnetic reconnection causes sudden release of energy which starts solar flare. The following video will explain in detail how solar flares or solar storms originate?

Many technologies of the 21st century are vulnerable to solar storms The effects of the solar storm will be devastating. 21st century human community relies totally on hi-tech systems for its everyday needs. Right from your GPS systems, credit card transaction, mobile phone services, communication services, radio and air travel to smart power grids and electrical transformers are vulnerable to the solar storm. Most of these systems are governed by satellites and these satellites can all be knocked out by the solar storm. The coming solar storm can cause 20 times more loss than Hurricane Katrina.

The damage can be controlled by putting satellites in the safe mode. The power grids can be saved by disconnecting them from the supply and transformers. Shut down all systems that run on electricity or use electromagnetic applications. This is the only way by which effects of the solar storm or solar flares can be mitigated. This will however require an accurate forecasting about the coming solar storm.