List of Species endangered by Global Warming

The WWF once again confirmed that the climate change and global warming are currently affecting species in many ways. WWF global warming experts believe, based on this evidence, that “The effects of climate change on species are so significant that their movements towards cooler regions and higher altitudes can be used as an indicator of global warming.”

Both plant and animal species are at risk due to the effects of global warming. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the golden toad (Bufo periglenes) and the harlequin frog (Atelopus varius) of Costa Rica have already disappeared as a direct result of global warming. As different components of an ecosystem change, it can upset the natural balance in many ways.

The following list indicate the species that are threatened and endangered by global warming:

Polar Bear
North Atlantic Whale
Marine Turtles (Multiple Chelonian Species)
Multiple Bird Species (Mountain, Island, Wetland, Arctic, Antarctic, Seabirds, Migratory Birds)
Mountain Gorilla (Africa)
Andes Spectacled Bear
Bengal Tiger
Sea Turtles
Giant Panda
Wetland Flora and Fauna
Salt Wetland Flora and Fauna
Cloud Forest Amphibians

In fact, scientists believe that the global warming could begin causing extinctions of animal species in the near future because the heating caused by accelerated global warming has a severe impact on the Earth’s many delicate ecosystems—both on the land and the species that live on it.

Because ecosystems can be altered to the point where the damage becomes irreversible and species must either adapt to survive or face extinction, it is critical that the issue of global warming be addressed and acted upon now before it is too late.

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