BP Oil Spill forced Louisiana to revise its renewable energy bills

The BP deepwater horizon oil spill that caused millions of crude oil to flow into Gulf of Mexico has forced the Louisiana’s state lawmakers to move on to renewable energy bills which if passed will help Louisiana to harness more and more energy form renewable energy sources.

The energy generated from the renewable energy sources is environment friendly and pollution free. So using renewable energy resources will serve two purposes - Reducing the total load on fossil fuels for the demand of energy and reducing the level of pollution that is caused due to the consumption of fossil fuels.

The BP Oil Spill, which has now become the US biggest oil spill after the Alaska accident, has caused a considerable damage to the marine environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana has a number of wildlife reserves and the BP oil spill has posed a threat to the safety to wildlife.

“Louisiana is already a leader in oil industry and is continuously growing. But resources of oil are limited and once harnessed, can not be regenerated. We need to become a leader in renewable energy too.” One of the member of bill sponsor said.

As per the bill, Louisiana can capture energy from Mississippi River's currents. Also the local residents can install solar panels on the roofs of their homes to harness solar energy. This will reduce the total load on the fossil fuels to balance between the demand and supply.

As per the bill, Louisiana state will rent out some piece of land for the development of alternative energy resources, including wind energy, solar energy, geothermal and hydrokinetic energy etc.