500 Penguins killed in South Africa due to cold harsh weather

South African penguins trying to save themselves from cold harsh weather Approximately 500 South African Penguins have died over past few days following very harsh cold weather conditions. The dead penguin chicks were aged between a few weeks old to 2 months old only. The penguin chicks were succumbed to the cold and wet weather. This disaster has occurred during the first week of FIFA football world cup.

According to the South Africa’s National Park authority, the number of penguins died due to cold snap represent more than half of the young population of total penguins at Algoa Bay in Eastern Cape province. The toll of dead penguins can rise as it is difficult for the officials to reach the island of the rough seas to assess the situation.

According to the SANParks spokesperson, the death of so many young penguin chicks can add threat to the survival of this species in South Africa.

Several South African cities are busy in organizing FIFA soccer world cup and the hosting cities are plunged into freezing conditions following intensely cold climate conditions. Temperature has plunged to -2 degree Celsius in Johannesburg and -5 in the central city of Bloemfontein as recorded on 15 June 2010. It is expected to fall further as there are no hopes of improvement in the climate conditions.