Your daily bath causes serious harm to environment

The results of the new research at the US Environment Protection Agency suggests that bathrooms are one of the channel that causes release of “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” commonly known as API’s into the environment. API’s are the pharmaceutical ingredients that are used in medication (Medical Treatment, Medicines). These API’s cause chemical pollution of the water when drained into sewage.

The bath products used in bathroom such as Gel, Shampoo, Conditioners, Detergents etc contain API’s. When you take a shower or bath, these API’s are drained with the sewer water and later on released into the environment. These API’s then pollute the ground water and are found in drinking water though in a very small quantity.

Earlier the scientists held the conviction that the active ingredients are released into the environment through human excretion of urine or feces after medication. The scientists have found some traces of active ingredients in the drinking water like antidepressants.

The scientists said that the active ingredients (API’s) released into the environment through bathroom are in such a form that can cause more damage to environment than those API’s that are released into the environment through urine or feces.

Its not a question of taking a bath or shower. The real question is about increasing use of toiletries that ends up in polluting our environment and drinking water.