Watch T20 Cricket World Cup live on Internet

Everybody was asking me for a link to watch live Twenty-Twenty (T20) Cricket world cup over internet and here is the link.

Well I was also interested in finding out a medium to watch this 20-20 live cricket world cup over internet as I do not have television in my paying guest accommodation. A little research over the internet and from my friends got me the medium. If you have internet connection ready at your place and do not have television, just follow the above link and watch T20 cricket world cup live over the internet.

Watch T20 Cricket world cup live on internet

There are 5 servers over this website through which you can watch T20 cricket world cup live. If you hang on one server just change to another server for live streaming. 

Secondly enable your popup blocker before visiting this site as this site has tonnes of popup advertisements. Later don’t blame me.

So guys, enjoy the 20-20 cricket world cup without any cable connection and a TV.


I found espnstart also broadcasting live matches of ICC T20 cricket world cup 2010 and would be the perfect place for you to watch T20 Cricket world cup as this site is free from popups and other ridiculous advertisements which slows down the buffering of live cricket matches.

Follow the link above to land directly on their page broadcasting live cricket matches of ICC T20 Cricket world cup 2010.