The positive impacts caused by Cyclone Laila in India

Positive impacts of cyclone laila Well, everywhere around the web there is a discussion about the destruction caused by cyclone Laila in south Indian states and the government is busy calculating the economic and life loss in cyclone hit areas, I thought of writing on the positive impacts of cyclone Laila on these cyclone hit areas. Yes I know Laila has claimed 36 lives till now and has destroyed a lot a paddy crop, but it has also helped in another ways.

Let me mention here some positive impacts caused by Cyclone Laila in southern parts of India:

Cyclone Laila has provided the major south Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore etc. with enough drinking water supply that was turning out to be a major problem in these cities due to scarcity of drinking water. The major reservoirs in the Chennai were shrinking rapidly following the heavy outflow and very less inflow of clean drinking water. The storage level in these water reservoirs has shoot up to 200 million cubic feet of water level that is enough for supply to the city for next 7 days.

Cyclone Laila has boosted the wind power generation in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu following high wind velocity and heavy rain. Wind Speed close to 100 Km/h was recorded in some coastal regions. Laila has reduced the load shedding in Tamil Nadu considerably. As per the Wind power generation data for Tamil Nadu state, the wind power generation has rose from 25MW to 2360MW before and after the cyclone respectively. Though it has reduced to 1115MW after the cyclone has passed, but it has considerably reduced the load shedding.

Cyclone Laila has triggered monsoon advance that may be the most important impact of Laila. India is blessed with all type of seasons and the most important being the monsoon season. Because most of our agricultural activities depends totally on good monsoon. Laila has caused the conditions which will help monsoon to reach Andhra Pradesh as early as first week of June.