India is the least emitter of Green House Gases(GHG)

As per the revised Government’s Green House Gases emission estimates, India is the least emitter of Green House Gases, commonly known as GHG, among the emerging economies. This estimation has been revised after a long period of 13 years.

The findings of this revision reveals that the per capita emission of Green House Gases (GHG) in India is merely 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. This level of emission of green house gases is way below than the emission of GHG by developed countries.

The findings are based on the data for 2007. The last estimate was done about more than a decade ago based on the 1994 data. So this revision has taken place after 13 years.

As per the 1994 data, Indian green house gas emission was about 1.23 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent. It jumped to 1.73 billion tonnes with a rise of over 60%. Instead of such a steep rise in GHG emission, Indian green house gas emission on gross basis stands nearly one fifth of that US despite of such huge population that contributes about 17% of the world’s population.

Electricity production, as expected, is the highest contributor in the green house gas (GHG) emission and contributes 37.8% of the total GHG emission. The next biggest contributor being the transport sector with a contribution of 7.5% of the total GHG emission.

The overall contribution to green house gases emission from different sectors is:

Energy Sector
Generated Waste

As clear from the outcome of this revision, energy sector still leads the list of highest contributor in green house gas emission.