BP Oil Spill - Those who suffered a painful death

US President Barack Obama proved to be failed on restricting BP oil spill to a certain limit and now it is causing ecological imbalance and environmental threats to the marine and aquatic life. The pictures of the dead fish and marine animals struggling for their life depicts the story..

BP Oil Spill - An oil soaked bird struggles for its life in Gulf of Mexico  BP Oil Spill - Birds died as they were entrapped within the oil slick

“If it was possible to tell humans about our pain”

BP Oil Spill - Birds Struggling for their life   BP Oil Spill - The aquatic life who suffered the consequencies

The humans as of their nature, again created a situation closing to an environmental disaster and the ones who suffered can’t tell you about their pain, because the sufferers were animals and birds. The pictures themselves show their pain and the ultimate fate of these birds and fishes.

President Barack Obama with his delayed reaction on BP deepwater horizon oil spill, allowed approximately a million gallon of crude oil into the sea, the Gulf of Mexico. If immediate actions should have been taken by the US government to curb the spreading of oil further into the sea, the environmental destruction could have been limited.

And most importantly, why the environmentalists and environmental groups not raising their voice against the US government? Why not US government be penalized for their act of irresponsibility? Where is Greenpeace and what they are doing?