Air India Plane crash in Mangalore - Recreating the last moments

The Air India flight which took off from Dubai and was carrying majority of Indians settled in UAE, was ill-fated and could not land safely on the Mangalore airport. The pilots missed the landing area by approximately 2000 feet and the plane crashed into the nearby forest. The plane was carrying 166 passengers out of which 158 feared death and 8 passengers survived.

As the investigators have found the 2 parts of black box and other parts of plane important for the investigation perspective, it has been said that the pilots must have tried to take off again after they had missed the landing zone because the engine throttle that has been recovered from the crash site is in forward position. Engine throttle is opened only while take off to provide the necessary thrust to the body of plane.

Two parts of black box have been recovered and the search is going on to find the third important part ASAP. Black box is the most important part of a plane as it records every activity of plane and it stores all the information of the plane. After the black box is available for analysis by the investigation team, the true picture of the last moment of the crash can be portrayed. 

Pilot of Air India Plane that crashed in Mangalore The pilot of the plane, Zlatko Glusica, that crashed at Mangalore airport was a British national and was an experienced pilot. He was well aware of the Mangalore airport and the terrain around Mangalore airport.
Zlatko Glusica already had 19 landings at Mangalore airport and he had almost 10,000 hours of flying experience. But still he overshoot the plane about 2000 feet from the landing area of Mangalore airport. This can be considered as an ill-fate only.

According to ATC, the plane approached the runway normally and it was only after landing the things went wrong. The visibility was quite good at the time of landing.

2 Days after the Air India Plane crashes in Mangalore:

Kin of victims, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers were in shock after hearing about the plane crash. The most difficult was the identification of the charred bodies. Some dead bodies were identified by a small piece of cloth, shoe and wrist watch. For many, it was like an unbelievable accident and they were still in shock that they have lost their loved ones.
A relative of small boy killed in Mangalore Air plane crash breaks down after seeing the body
Relative of one of the victims died in Air India plane crash in Mangalore breaks down during funeral Relatives of Air India plane crash victims during a prayer

Mangalore City Two days after the Air India Plane Crash:

The city was seen little moved by the plane crash as the weddings went on as scheduled. Its a marriage season in Mangalore and all party halls and hotels were illuminated and decorated to celebrate the weddings.
It was only in the hospitals where you could feel the heat of losing your beloved ones. Kin of the victims were in shock and were trying to identify their relatives died in the plane crash.