3200 saiga antelopes found dead in Kazakhstan - A Big Disaster

One of the Asia’s big mammal Saiga Antelopes, declared as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, is fighting for its survival. Nearly 3200 saiga antelopes have died in Kazakhstan due to some unidentified reason. Till 21st May 2010, the death toll reached 3200 over an area of 4500 hectares.
Saiga Antelopes - The endangered speciesSaiga Antelopes found dead in Kazakhstan
This disaster has added one more worry into the bags of environmentalists as the number of saiga antelopes that have died is too much. And at the time when they have been listed under endangered species.
In Mangolia’s Gobi Desert, scientists are trying to protect the endangered saiga antelopes by using global positioning system instruments so that their location and number can be traced easily. The GPS enabled collars are used to identify, count and monitor saiga antelopes that go missing or if their movement stops for a long time. GPS devices also helps in restricting poaching activities.