15 ways to mitigate the deforestation and save trees

Networked societies and civilizations mean interdependence. Did you know that each one of us requires 625 square feet surface area of greenery to produce our daily oxygen needs? We have destroyed almost 89% of the forest cover that the earth had in the 19th century.

It is impossible to undo the damage done. However each one of us, in our own way is capable of preventing further destruction of our life source - The Flora. What we need is to develop our vision as early as possible because time is running away and once passed, it never comes back!!

So please help us to save our environment and choose your way by which you can make our environment healthy. I am listing down some of the ways common man can help building a safer environment.
  1. To counteract the removal of trees, simply plant more trees. Doing this around one’s own home can have a huge positive effect.

  2. Sometimes, trees do have to be cut down. However only mature trees should be cut. Saplings should be left to grow and thrive. It is also an excellent practice to make up for every tree cut down by planting a new tree.

  3. Pay bills online. Many banks, utility companies, cellular phone providers and other companies have begun offering the option of paperless billing. This means that rather than receiving a bill in the mail, you can receive a bill via e-mail and make payments online.

  4. Join environmental awareness groups that would help you to be an advocate of reforestation.

  5. Children should be taught to plant trees as hobbies.

  6. Reduce the usage of wood for construction and making furniture and products. Choose alternative material.

  7. 40,000 Trees are felled each year to make 8,000 tons of wrapping paper. Use recycled rapping paper whenever possible.

  8. Do something as an organization to prevent deforestation, like the British Company Helveta who bar-code trees to prevent forests. Visit www.helveta.com

  9. In offices, circulate original memos instead of making several copies.

  10. Avoid using disposable cups and napkins. Carry your own mug for tea/coffee whenever possible. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

  11. Re-use one sided printed papers for office work.

  12. Develop gardening as a hobby.

  13. Choose plants as corporate gifts.

  14. Use of newspaper for gift wrapping.

  15. Segregate waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable before disposing it.
Updates on Save Trees:

Chipko Foundation, an Uttarakhand based NGO, working for the protection of trees and forests in the Himalayan region will be awarded with International Green Apple Award for its contribution towards environmental activities. The award will be handed over to the NGO on 15 Nov, 2010 at House of Commons in London. The International Green Apple Award began in the year 1994 and has received approximately 500 entries for nomination this year including Chipko Foundation.