12 ways to save our wildlife and endangered species

Human beings need to live in harmony with other beings on this planet and recognise that we are interdependent. The Idea is to contribute to the security of all and not merely our immediate environment. Get actively involved in animal welfare and animal rights.

That will help in protecting the earth’s biodiversity and results in great personal satisfaction and peace of mind. The current biggest issue is the depletion of Tigers. Tigers are on the verge of extinction in India as their population has considerably reduced to 1411 from 40000. So join some cause and help building a better and safer future of earth.

You can contribute in a variety of ways that are mentioned below:

  1. The first step towards conserving endangered animals is to learn as much as possible about them. If we know where and how they live, and what they need to survive, it will be easier for us to help them.

  2. Build a bird feeder and establish a bird bath for the neighbourhood birds at your roof. Visit How to Build a Bird Bath for more details.

  3. There are many organizations that are fighting to preserve wildlife, including Greenpeace and the world wildlife fund. Join one today or start your own.

  4. Conduct fundraising events to support animal welfare in your workplace, apartment complex or institution. Donate the collections to an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre.

  5. Never buy an animal from a pet shop. Adopt your companion animals from shelters. Pet shops buy from puppy mills and large-scale breeders who contribute to the population crisis and whose over-bred animals are often very unhealthy.

  6. Make a difference in the lives of needy pets by opening your home to a furry friend.

  7. Avoid throwing plastic into rivers and seas. Marine wildlife such as turtles, whales and dolphins confuse plastic with food. When ingested, their digestive tracts may become blocked and they may die from starvation.

  8. Visit local aquariums to learn more about aquatic wildlife and teach your family about the importance of wildlife conservation.

  9. Try vegetarian. It has style and is a healthy way of life.

  10. Volunteer to help at your local animal shelter.

  11. Purchase only cruelty free products that have not been tested on animals.

  12. Avoid using fur and leather. It has cost some animal’s life!!