12 ways to prolong our depleting natural resources

We need to take small proactive steps to prolong our depleting natural resources and make our planet secure for our future generations. We can make a beginning by being conscious of our use of technology as well as look at alternative, sustainable options.

To begin, you can adopt the following changes in your life to secure our earth’s future:

  1. Use products and materials that have low embedded energy i.e less energy has been expended in the manufacturing process of that product/material.

  2. Carpooling is a great way of saving fuel which is a non renewable resource of energy.

  3. Turn off lights and appliances when you don’t need them. If you don’t remind to turn off your electrical appliances, install automatic systems.

  4. Attend to all of your vehicle’s schedule maintenance needs to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

  5. Take the stairs instead of elevator. It can save a lot of electricity while keeping you fit.

  6. Switch to environment friendly Hybrid Vehicles.

  7. Use technology that runs on alternative resources of energy like solar cells.

  8. Source construction material locally rather than sourcing from a far region.

  9. Shop locally for your daily items than roaming around the city.

  10. Buy products manufactured with recycled paper.

  11. Reuse scrap paper whenever possible. Instead of pitching old envelops, use them to make notes and lists.

  12. Use public transport to the extent possible.