10 Ways to save environment through outdoor activities

We are part of the natural world, interdependent and interlinked. We can not exist in a balance outside nature. Engage with the outdoors and enrich your mind, body and soul. While doing your outdoor activities, interact with the nature and learn how you can be benefited from the nature. When you understand the nature then only you can help rebuilding it.

You can help building a safe environment from the following activities:

  1. Support local parks by visiting with your family. Visit the nearest national park to learn about animals and their habitats.

  2. Make a plan with family or friends to spend a day hiking, fishing, horse riding, sitting by a lake or stream, camping out in a tent under the stars, cooking over an open fire, or whatever you all agree on. Be sure you understand the environment so that you can rebuild it.

  3. Encourage and practice eco tourism.

  4. Organize outdoor team building activities for your employees/colleagues instead of the regular office party.

  5. Convert your backyard into a mini outdoor zone with plants, flowers and sprinklers.

  6. While at work take regular breaks to walk around the block or look out of window. The greenery around you will make you feel cool and relaxed.

  7. Enjoy parks for walks and workouts free of cost rather than working out in a gym.

  8. Organize nature walk for children.

  9. Read the newspaper under morning sun and get your everyday dose of vitamin-D.

  10. Go on nature walks or Bike rides.