When sea turned red in Denmark with Blood!!

These pictures are from Denmark where the people of Denmark are celebrating “Dolphin Killing Festival”. While it may seem incredible, even today this custom continues in Dantesque, in the Faroe Islands of Denmark. A country supposedly 'civilized' and an EU country at that.
These Dolphins are killed by these brutal people just to celebrate their adulthood. Yes, this is a custom in Denmark to show entering “adulthood”. But how long these bloody customs will be celebrated? No one does anything to prevent this barbarism being committed against the Calderon, an intelligent dolphin that is placid and approaches humans out of friendliness.
Brutal Killing of Dolphins in Denmark
Hell is here in Denmark for Dolphins Human is the biggest Beast
Hundreds of Dolphins Killed in Denmark People enjoying killing dolphins Shameful day for people of Denmark
The Brutality of People of Denmark
Why sea turned red in Denmark
Where is “Green Peace” whose people make so much noise in other countries? Why is European Union quite over this issue? Why not you people raise your voice now when you don’t let any chance to go if something happens in the developing countries of Asia?
Isn’t it deteriorating our environment? This proves how worse beast a human can be!!!

Shift the UN Headquarter to an isolated place. We don’t need people who are busy all the time preparing and presenting speeches and when it comes to act, they appears nowhere.
And last but not the least, where is Media? Why not they cover and show the footage of this brutal custom to the world and let the world know what is happening in Denmark? It can only stop when the whole world will unite and force the EU to stop this bloody celebration.
But why rely on others when we are not sure about their actions? So please share this post with all your friends, email it to all the people you know and request them to further forward this post to as many people as you can. We need to stop this at any cost!!!

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