Valentine’s Day Celebration and Protests in India

The valentines day is back and so as the protests from Hard line Social Organizations. Whether its Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena or any other social organization, they are showing no love for the valentine’s day. Valentine's Day celebration is a recent celebration in India but has caught the fancy of people to a great extent.

These organizations call themselves “ Defenders of Traditional Indian Values” and want to impose their thoughts on the Young generation of India. But the people of youngistan are in no mood to listen to their philosophy. According to them Valentine’s day signifies love, a day when people express their affection for others.

        Valentine's Day Protest in India   Shiv Sena Protesting Valentine's Day

Shiv Sena has to say "We are deadly against Valentine's Day, We are for civilized love and affection." Every year Shiv Sena protests Valentine’s  day and it has almost become their annual event. Going to parks, restaurants, pubs, discos & hotels and beating young couples seems to be their agenda. Last year it was on every news channel, the video of Bajrang Dal activists beating young girls and boys inside a pub in Bangalore. Shame on you guys. What a way you have chosen to protect the Indian Culture.

There have been lots of debates on this issue and Youngster and these organizations always seems to be putting allegations on each other. “As a citizen of India, we have the right to celebrate any event and no body can restrict our democracy. What right do these people have to set the do's and don'ts for young lovers on Valentine's Day?” says youngsters.