Pune bomb blast shattered the hopes of Peace

After 9/11 when terrorists from Pakistan had attacked Mumbai and killed so many of innocent people, some hopes of peace were building in the minds of common people. But the Pune bomb blast shattered all hopes of peace. This terrorist attack has placed the largest democracy of Asia on a high security alert.

The blast at the popular German Bakery has killed nine people and injured 60 people. “The strike has shattered India's fragile 14-months peace and is likely to reverse many gains made by the country's tourist industry, devastated by the Mumbai strikes in which 10 gunmen killed 166 people” writes The Australian.

No Mercy for Common People - Pune Bomb Blast

The People of India were still recovering from the Mumbai attacks and latest attack has raised questions about the Indo-Pak Talks. Security officials are investigating the involvement of Pakistan based militant groups behind these attacks.

But the real question is how long we will deny the failure of our security and the intelligence agencies in containing these terrorist attacks. Terrorists enter our country and do what they are supposed to do, where is our intelligence bureau?

Dismissing "intelligence failure" in the Pune blast, Union home minister P. Chidambaram on Sunday said, the terrorists have hit a "soft target" like the German Bakery which is frequented by foreigners and Indians alike. But how long will we be making excuses to hide our own inabilities.

Jaago India Jaago..