A Plan to change India - For One India

All over the print media and electronic media, one issue is under hot debate. That issue is “Whether Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra or India”. Political leaders are making their way to get the most out of this. This is the only work left for the politicians to do. But it is hurting the progress of our country. It is an obstacle in the Mission 2020 that we have seen.

Everyone has something to say whether “in Favour” or “Not in Favour”. They say and then forget what they have said. Nobody come forward and say we will change this. There is an immediate need of changing the way we react to situations and to raise our voice for one India. I have a plan to build one India.

A Bunch of Britishers ruled our country for a long period because 30 crore Indians were quite. Now a bunch of people are trying to rule, will 100 crore people still keep quite??