My Name is Khan wins over Shiv Sena's Thackeraygiri

My Name is Khan is finally released in Mumbai and has been doing good in others cities also. By this, the people of Mumbai have sent a strong message to Shiv Sena which was pretending to be the most patriotic organisation in India. But the most shocking factor was the government's reaction. It could not control such incidents and appeared to be helpless.

Its the spirit of Mumbai that has always spread the message of one India but there are some people who always tries to test this spirit again and again. Whatever happened in the last few days was disappointing. The government could not control Bal Thackeray for threatening common people and destroying public property. It appeared like the government is under control of Shiv Sena.

My Name is Khan

But the success of this film has proved that the people of Mumbai do not agree with the philosophy of Shiv Sena. People watched the film under intense security cover which is expected to continue to prevent any mishappening. In the absence of ShahRukh Khan, his wife Gauri Khan made an appearance at many theatres in South Mumbai to thank SRK's fans for their support.

What Shahrukh says on Twitter

“My name is Shah Rukh Khan... and I think it is more than just a name. My mother & father had told me so & my son & daughter believe it so”

“I have the courage of conviction by my side. I explain because better to do that, than create aggression & division in my country”

We have bad people in India, Pakistan and everywhere else. nobody including me stands by anyone who is bad or resorts to inhuman acts

“Why should we have this demarcation permeate in fields of art, sports, culture and otherwise normal things. is that a wrong way to think??”

“Hope peace prevails. Hope misunderstandings get cleared. Hope nobody is hurt. Hope all leaders & activists have largesse of heart. Hope...”