Himalayan Glaciers will not melt by 2035

Recently I was reading an article in a magazine and I suddenly paused at a point. It was claimed that instead of global warming, some of the Himalayan glaciers are still growing and the rate of the melting of glaciers is normal.

According to this research, the Himalayan glaciers will continue to feed its adjoining rivers for a long period of time. Let me tell you, TERI’s scientist, professor Syed Hasnain, in a recent study had claimed that “All the glaciers in the Himalayas are melting rapidly, and they could disappear from the central and eastern Himalayas by 2035.

This study was focused on the effects of global warming in Himalayan range. The new research has ruled out the possibilities of the previous research. So the Himalayan glaciers are not gonna disappear by 2035.

But it doesn't mean in any sense that the global warming has no effect on Himalayan glaciers. Only the 2035 factor was wrongly calculated. It was an error. The global warming is raising concerns and its effects are already been noticed.

Himalayan glaciers are the source of the big rivers that supply water to millions of people in India and China. Millions of people stays along the banks of Ganga and other big rivers which originates from the Himalayan glaciers. So this issue has already raised the alarms within the ecologists and the political society.

Actions are planned in various summits but I wonder if any of these are ever implemented. Funds are generated but they merely reach to the hands which needs them the most.
Its time to act upon. The earth is ours and we have to do something on our behalf to save it from destruction. Plant a tree near your periphery to start with this mission. Spread the word Green World among your friends and family. Do not burn fuel unnecessarily as its availability is minimum. Educate people about green house effect and how they can contribute in reducing CO2 Level.