Green Phones - The next Generation eco friendly Phones

The big players in the Mobile phone industry have revealed their plans to launch “Green Phones” in India taking care of the environmental degradation caused by the electronic waste, shortly known as eWaste. Nokia, the top leader in the Mobile segment has planned to launch 40 Green Phones in India this year. Samsung and Sony Ericsson are also in the same phase.

eWaste is the major source of environmental degradation in today's world that is caused by the discarded electronic items like cell phones, DVD players, computer waste and other electronic items that are discarded. The e waste contains toxic materials such as Lead and mercury that are hazardous to both people and our environment. When these toxic elements mixes with the soil and water, they affects the health of Humans, Animals and Trees.

So there is an immediate need to build green world which produces less e waste, less pollution and less destruction of forests. Green phones are a step in building green world.

     Sony Ericsson Green PhonesNokia planning to Launch 40 Green phones in IndiaSamsung Green Phones in India
Nokia has already launched a recyclable mobile phone which it claims to be 65 percent recyclable. Its Nokia 3110, termed as an eco friendly phone.

More than 150 million mobile phones are scrapped every year and only 20 percent of these mobile phones are recycled. So assume the amount of e waste that is generated and added to already existing pool of e waste. The more critical state is that this e waste lies unattended.

Research is going on to control this e waste from root level so that it should not be produced. Solar panel cell phones, eco-friendly packaging and energy efficient chargers will be among the latest green technology applications that can be useful in achieving our goal. Biodegradable phones are also in the basket.

So what are you waiting for. Go Green