Climate change far worse than thought before

The scientists of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have found that the climate change is progressing faster than what was expected. The last report about climate change was submitted on 2007 by IPCC and the report had raised the alarms globally.

The new findings have revealed that the climate is changing more rapidly than what was expected by the report. The new findings will be considered in the next meeting of IPCC but the meeting is scheduled in 2013.

I think the meetings are only scheduled to measure the climate change, no actions are planned. If planned, they are not carried out in full respect. The example is Carbon Credit. The developed nations are asking the developing nations to control their carbon emission and sell them the carbon credit.

The point is, how this will control climate change? If one nation will reduce its carbon emission and other nation uses its credit to emit more carbon into the environment, this will become profit and loss game. The net will be zero. Where is reduction in carbon emission?

Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels in 2008 were 40 percent higher than in 1990. The warming of earth is more than the predictions and this is due to delayed actions. The recent Copenhagen Summit said warming should be contained within two degrees. But the results are now open.

If there is more delay in actions, warming of earth will cross this 2 degree limit soon. Act now and do something..

Updates on Climate Change:

India on 16 Nov, 2010 will release its first assessment report on the impact of climate change and global warming on agriculture, water, health and forests in four regions of the country.

India will face major Climate Changes by 2030: A new study has revealed that India will face drastic changes in climate by the end of year 2030. The natural events will intensify e.g. more rain, more flooding, sever droughts and diseases like malaria, dengue will spread more rapidly. The rise in temperature will change the rain cycle in India that can hamper the agriculture in the country. The rising sea level has already threatened the 6400 Kms long coastal line.