100 Ways to Save the Environment

As the time is running away, environmental issues are posing real threat to the sustainable development of planet earth. With the ever fast rate of depleting resources whether natural or developed by man, it has become really difficult to continue sustainable development.

We in our daily routine work, waste much more energy than we use.With increasing population and rising lifestyle standards, the need for energy has grown exponentially. This increasing energy need has lead to the over exploitation of natural resources.

Damage done can not be cured but we can limit the further damage to environment by acting swiftly. Save the environment before its too late. We depend extensively on fossil fuels to meet our energy needs. Fossil fuels are non renewable resources which can not be replenished easily once consumed. So we have to practice green living to save precious fossil fuels for future generations.

You can download pdf version of 100 Ways to Save the Environment and learn important tips, techniques and ideas for saving energy, fuel and other resources at your home and workplace.

Click on the link to download 100 Ways to Save the Environment

Mentioned here are the areas where we can improve our way of doing routine activities to prevent spoiling of our environment.
All the methods are explained in detail in the pdf file. Hope it will help you to save some of the energy  resources and prevent our environment from early degradation.